Monday, April 18, 2011

High Quality, Namebrand, Consigned Kids' Clothes at Reasonable Prices...

Creme Brulee Kids has their biannual Consignment and Boutique Sale of kids' clothing, sizes 0-12,
scheduled for May 12-14 at Kent Commons.  They have been in business for five years now and bring together consignors and customers of  high quality, namebrand kids' clothing (Gymboree, Gap, Janie and Jack, Hannah Anderson, Oilily, etc) baby gear and furniture, and kid related boutique items.  They do allow a limited number of store brand pieces, such as Carter's, OshKosh and Children's Place.  Items to be sold are screened for cleanliness and condition, and they will reject any that don't meet their standards.   According to their website, a limited number of clothing pieces which might be exceptionally great designs, but have even a small flaw, may be offered for sale, but they must be marked "Play Condition".  At Creme Brulee's last sale they had over 150 consignors, 1000 customers and sold over 9000 items. 

You can find many more details for both consignors and shoppers at their website, and if you look at the "guidelines" tab (which is to assist consignors in pricing their items) you will get an idea of what prices to expect. I've never been to this sale, but it sounded intriguing enough that I am using a vacation day from work to go check it out with my daughter.  Maybe we'll see you there!

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