Friday, April 22, 2011

Amazing Bargain... 80% Off Restaurant Certificates

Last week I discovered an amazing bargain at  They are featuring a tremendous 80% discount on the price of their restaurant certificates through April 24th, when you use the code EASTER at checkout.  They basically offer an online coupon book for restaurants throughout the country.  You can view a listing of restaurants who advertise with them, choosing the geographic area you are interested in, and then purchase certificates that are usually at least 40% off the customary prices.  They generally have some restrictions, such as only to be used for dinner, not to be used on Fridays or Saturdays, only one certificate per table and 18% gratuity automatically applied, but these vary for each offer.  However, those restrictions are not so prohibitive as to make it not worth buying....for instance, the previous examples would still leave 5 days out of the week they are good for, and I would generally tip 20% anyway.

There were a number of restaurants I'd really like to try in the future that serve Indian and African foods, as well as Mexican and Chinese, pizza and burgers, and others.  However, I decided to stick with restaurants close to home this time, and chose two $25.00 certificates for The Krain Corner Restaurant in Enumclaw and one $25.00 certificate for The Black Diamond Bakery Restaurant and my total cost was only $7.00!  Only way to beat that would be if they were free.  And good new is that, because they are essentially like a gift card, they don't expire.

The ordering process is a two-step procedure where you choose, order and pay for the certificates first and they are added to your account.  Then you can redeem and print them either immediately or in the future.  I decided that since they don't expire, I may as well print them all at once and just keep them on hand for the day we decide to go out.  Be sure to read ALL the details before purchasing.
At 80% off these are definitely a frugal way to have an evening out!

Have a wonderful and blessed Easter!


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