Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Free Groceries at Albertson's!!

Albertson's has been running a special promotional on Gift Cards that can earn you free groceries...and who doesn't like free stuff?  This promotional continues until June 22nd, so you still have time to take advantage of a great deal.  For each $100.00 worth of Gift Cards you purchase, and give them your Albertson's Preferred Card, you will receive a coupon good for $20.00 in groceries to be used at your next shopping trip...which could be just minutes after purchasing the Gift Cards.  You may purchase up to 5 cards in each transaction, but you are allowed to make multiple transactions. 

Our family is planning a backyard project soon, and we know we will need to be purchasing lumber and other supplies from Lowe's that we estimate will cost about $700.00.  So, yesterday, we visited the nearest Albertson's and purchased seven $100.00 Gift Cards and received seven coupons worth $20.00 each, totaling $140.00!  We turned right around and bought $140.00 in groceries for NOTHING...that's right...absolutely FREE!!

Albertson's has many different Gift Cards, from Lowe's, Home Depot, numerous department stores, airlines and restaurants, so you'll likely find something right for you. But remember, this blog encourages frugality; so don't go out buying Gift Cards you wouldn't be buying otherwise just so you can get the coupons. However, if you're planning to be purchasing some as graduation or wedding gifts, traveling by airline, eating out occasionally or, like us, working on a home improvement project, you should really consider this option.

If you have any questions, be sure to ask the cashier prior to making your purchase.  We went through the checkout three different times last night and each cashier was very friendly, helpful and sincerely happy to see us getting such amazing bargains.  Check out for more details.